OpenHome - Modern, Sustainable Prefabrication

By AIA Philadelphia (other events)

Wednesday, March 30 2022 8:00 AM 9:00 AM EDT

Matthew Krissel, Partner at KieranTimberlake, will discuss the firm's OpenHome project/product.

OpenHome is a new home design system developed with timber-frame pioneer Bensonwood. Our goal is to make the design and building process easier and faster for homebuyers while remaining true to a shared vision of beautiful, modern, high-quality, sustainable architecture.
OpenHome lets buyers choose between design systems that can be customized with different layouts, materials, and components. The owner works with the architect and builder to tailor the design to their individual goals for the site, climate, and lifestyle. Once that plan is in place, components of the house are built in a factory, then shipped to the building site for completion. The components are precise, well-crafted, and quick to assemble, yielding a higher standard of construction and building performance with a seamless and low-stress process.
The homes feature resilient, durable materials that are healthy for both people and the planet while connecting homeowners to the natural environment. Interior spaces are light-filled and airy, with tall ceilings and framed views that can respond to any site's features, anywhere in the country. OpenHome prioritizes fossil-fuel-free living and maximizes indoor air quality. Materials and systems ensure a low carbon footprint and offer the potential for net-zero energy and passive-house living. OpenHome designs are scalable from 1,000 to more than 3,000 square feet and adaptable to urban or rural settings. Costs vary by region but hover between $450-$600 per square foot.
OpenHome uses a proprietary system of the thermally complete wall, floor, and roof panels, constructed with pre-installed windows and doors, designed to perform at Passive House levels. This allows customization not only of size, arrangement, and form but also enables the design to respond to the site.

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